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(Partial List)

bsBIM Process Analysis, Advisory & Training

  • Analysis of Firm Processes and Project Requirements for bsBIM Implementation
  • Establish Written Parameters, Work Flow & Protocols for the Team to Follow
  • Outline Model Sharing Guidelines
  • Develop a Detailed List of 3D Modeling Requirements and Responsibilities for the Project Team Members
  • Train bsBIM change and Authoring Software

Software & Hardware Analysis & Procurement

  • Analyze Current Software & Hardware
  • Provide Repots on Analysis and Make Recommendations
  • Help Secure Software & Hardware as Required for Successful Transitioning for Project Requirements

BIM Coordination & Management

  • Monitoring and Coordination of Real time BIM Model Integration and Collaboration
  • Documentation of Monitoring and Work Flows
  • BIM Contractual Administration

Object Production & Management

  • Custom Object Production per Manufacture Data Requirements and Relationships
  • Project Object Library Standards

4D & 5D Model Creation

  • Create Time & Costing Schedules
  • Link Schedules to Model Objects
  • Phasing Plans and Documentation

Presentation & Marketing Materials

  • Visual Presentation Documentation, Phasing with Live Actual Data from Model
  • Fly Throughs
  • Reality Based Renderings
  • Web  Based Information tied to the Virtual Model

Shop Drawings & As-Builts

  • Trade Shop Drawing production
  • Direct Information to CNC machines

Facility Management

  • Planning of Maintenance Schedules
  • Building Feasibility Studies
  • Re-Commissioning


“Work Hard and You will be a Leader, be Lazy and You will End Up a Slave”
~Proverbs 12:24



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