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Benefits of working with bsBIM Consultants

  • Able to jumpstart Your bsBIM Initiatives
  • bsBIM Expenses can be on a project Basis
  • Need more Manpower; easily add capable people from anywhere around the World
  • Enhanced and Accurate Estimation of Projects
  • Decrease Risk, Increase Profit
  • Increased Productivity, Consistent Work Product
  • Decrease, Minimize and Eliminate Costly Project RFI’s = $$$$$$$$
  • Eliminate Change Orders
  • Address “What If’s”
  • Run Simulations; Energy, Traffic, Light, Structural, etc…
  • Accurately Visualize the Project Outcome
  • Allow for Early Decisions Before Costly Changes
  • Real Time Integration & Collaboration
  • Transparency Among Team Members
  • Reduction in Paper Plans = Reduced Printing & Shipping costs
  • No BrackGrounds Issued, One Common Model BackGround for All to Use
  • Design & Trade Coordination
  • Model Based Quantity Take Offs (QTO’s)
  • Enhanced Marketing
  • Operational Simulation(s)
  • Manage or Work on the Project from anywhere in the world with an internet Wi-Fi connection
  • Simulated & Visualized Construction Sequences
  • Real Time Mobile Visualization & Instant Messaging through the Models at Construction Sites
  • Exact As-Builts
  • More jobs WON!!!   Ask us HOW!!

Let iPda be your bsBIM department, so you can concentrate on what you do best ...

Design / Engineer / Construct / Manage

info@iPda-global.com  -  949-525-4368

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