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What differentiates bsBIM from BIM is a new, but tested, state of the art technology incorporated within a custom workflow process that is generated specifically for the Project &  Project Team.  Imagine the entire Project Team (owner, architect, engineers, general contractors, trades, interiors, suppliers, financial institutions, operations, facility mangers…) participating within the same model at the same moment of time.  The participants then can design, review, run energy, clash detection, constructability analysis, make recommendations & comments, issue mark-ups, QTO, costing, assumptions, phasing, … and this can be accomplished from anywhere in the world, just need an internet connection.  The time and money saved is immense!  bsBIM is the only true One Source Model.  Silo models that are created separately to be brought together a few times for clash detection, maybe QTO are very limited, time consuming and are wrought with possible errors.  The Power and capabilities of bsBIM are incomparable.

The technology available today permits the generation of one source model in an appropriate period of time and at an acceptable cost.  Moreover, bsBIM can process any data format or data model, and is not limited to specific product or developer software.  With this type of project integration and collaboration, Project Teams reduce risk, reduce errors, and reduce time spent.  It’s all done with less manpower.  This equates to greater revenue… not to mention a boat load of more information that can be made available for the Team to use for greater returns. 

“Gentlemen, the only way to achieve the impossible, is to believe it is possible.” 
~Lewis Carroll

During the application and generation of 3D models with a Project Team’s specific bsBIM workflow process, companies can systematically draw from a worldwide network and from the extensive know-how of its own corporate units.

iPda maintains close team partnerships with external service providers and software manufacturers in the field of virtual construction.

We Can Help Your Company Compete Successfully with bsBIM!

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